Ozone Treatment for Freight and Warehouse Disinfection

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants available. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, germs, and odor, without harsh chemicals. Ozone is created in nature by combining oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun or the corona discharge that occurs during a lightning storm, this is that clean, fresh scent after a rainstorm. Using the same technology found in nature we can clean and deodorize your air.

We recommend our domestic pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends, and pets. We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes. Shipping and storage odors exist because everything imaginable is being distributed throughout the world: electronics, food and spices, chemicals and fertilizers, plastics and polymers, textiles, and even waste. All these shipments come with their unique odor challenges and it can be very difficult to “reclaim” warehouses/containers once the smells have permeated the space.

Ozone Clean Pro generators will eliminate odors at their source by destroying the VOCs or Biological pollutants responsible. The exclusive design provides the most effective delivery of Ozone to a given treatment area, resulting in a faster, more complete odor removal and sanitation.   


Unattended death scenes can be uncovered days, weeks, or even months after the incident, resulting in decomposition, biohazardous or infectious wastes to remediate. The fumes and vapors from such catastrophes often get embedded in the furniture, drapes, bedding, the carpet and also cling to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Of course, microorganisms can thrive in this type of environment as well.


Ozone effectively treats the odors that result, while destroying the microorganisms that are at the source. Because it is a gas, ozone follows the same air currents that the crime scene vapors traveled thus eliminating them at their source. Treating a crime or death scene is as simple as running an Ozone Clean Pro high output ozone generator in the closed off, unoccupied space, with the treatment time varying, depending upon the severity of the situation.

Treating a container or warehouse with Ozone ensures that future shipments won’t be impacted by the odors from a previous load. A quick, green solution to a costly problem, Ozone Clean Pro generators are the odor removal technology of the future, available today, that will get you back in business with minimal interruption.

**This can be dangerous if not done by a trained technician**