By using ozone when washing you can increase textile life, shorten wash cycles, reduce energy costs and even shorten drying times.Clothes come out whiter, softer, cleaner and fresher. Ozone allows you to get high quality standards without using harsh chemicals or hot water because of its effective oxidizer using only cold water

Surface Sanitation

Not only is ozone great for sanitizing residential and commercial facilities, but it can also be used to disinfect surfaces of your products, produces and meats. Using either ozone gas or aqueous ozone, you can properly sanitize any surface.

Air Treatment & Odor Control

Ozone contains sterilizing properties that are used against bacterias, microorganisms, fungi, and some insect larvae. This quality proves ozone to be a greener and stronger solution compared to harsh and hazardous chemicals. Ozone destroys all mold and mildew.

In addition to removing impurities and bacterias from the air, ozone also works as a fantastic odor control solution.


In recent years, awareness of indoor air quality has drastically increased. The systems that supply air to indoor living and work spaces are critical to having healthy indoor environments. Ozone can be easily installing into existing HVAC systems and controlled with user friendly controls. The ozone then can be in constant flow, at safe levels due to monitoring equipment, constantly cleaning and purifying indoor air to give you healthier indoor air quality.

**This is not a service currently offered by Ozone Clean Pro but will be offered in the future**

Food Processing & Storage

ozone has proven to be a powerful way to eliminate microorganisms, quickly and effectively kill bacterias and viruses such as E-coli and Listeria. Ozone can also be used to control the biological growth of undesired organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industry. Ozone Clean Pros technology is able to disinfect microorganisms without adding harmful chemicals to the food being treated or the atmosphere in which the food is being stored. After the process, ozone reverts back to oxygen leaving absolutely no harsh chemicals, residue, or altered taste in any way.

Drinking Water Treatment

Did you know that there are over 280 major water treatment plants that use ozone in the United States? These treatment plants use ozone to inactivate and kill any pathogenic microorganisms ie. bacterias, viruses and parasites in drinking water. The ozone used at these plants also removes any inorganic trace contaminants found in water systems due to pollution. Treating water with ozone can also reduce naturally occurring organic compounds such as humic acid and algal metabolites.


Those in the dental industry and using ozone more and more as time goes on. Ozone makes it possible to disinfect dental waste such as blood, saliva, sterilizing agents, chemicals, and disinfectants. The use of ozone eliminates the need of other biohazard disposal services and processes.

Not only can the use of ozone in the dental work disinfect equipment and waste but it is also being used for pinpoint tooth washing, plaque removal and the improvement of dental cavities. Ozone has also been found to speed up the recovery process for those who have undergone oral surgery.