Questions and Answers About Ozone

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas produced in nature when ultra violet rays pass through the atmosphere and charges the oxygen molecules. This gas is a strong sterilant, that cleans, purifies and disinfects air and surfaces. It occurs during lightening storms and produces that “clean, spring rain” smell. It is the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere that cleans and protects us from the sun’s ultra-violet rays.
Our Generators produce this Ozone and circulate it into your home, office or pool which disinfects, purifies, and cleans the air, surface or water.

Is Ozone Safe?

When conducted by trained and certified professionals Ozone treatments are very safe. While Ozone is very powerful, it has a very short life-cycle. When contaminates such as odors, bacteria or viruses come in contact with the ozone, the extra atom of oxygen is consumed and there is nothing left. No odor, no bacteria, no extra atom, only oxygen.

How Long Is The Treatment Process?

The length of treatment varies. Vehicle treatments are under a hour. Full home basic treatments are usually 2-5 hours. If we are treating a home that has been fire damaged, has mold, or has had history of pets or smoking odors the treatment may take up to 48 hours. The length of the treatment includes the time for the Ozone to be dispersed and time for the unused Ozone to dissipate before occupants to return.

Will There Be A Leftover Ozone Smell?

There is often a leftover faint smell of Ozone the first week following a treatment. Clients often enjoy this smell and describe it as a clean and fresh smell, similar to the smell after a lightening storm. The Ozone smell will continue to fade over time.

Does Ozone leave Any Residue?

No! Ozone is a gas substance similar to oxygen and there is absolutely no residue during or after an Ozone treatment. Ozone has proven to be 3,500 times more effective in killing bacteria that Chlorine, and leaves no unwanted residue or toxic byproducts. Ozone is popular for treated drinking water because it leaves no taste or toxins. It is also beneficial in pools and spas for the fact that it does not leave any residue which effects your skin, clothing or pipes.

Will Ozone Damage Anything Inside My Home, RV or Vehicle?

Ozone is relatively safe to use, especially if conducted by a trained technician. Our technicians clear the premises of plants, pets and people during the treatments. We have a checklist that they perform before each treatment. We have never had an issue during one of our treatments because we take these extra precautions.removes any inorganic trace contaminants found in water systems due to pollution. Treating water with ozone can also reduce naturally occurring organic compounds such as humic acid and algal metabolites.

What If After A Treatment An Odor Still Remains?

If the odor remains after an Ozone treatment we will re-treat the area at no extra cost. We are not satisfied until you are. Please keep in mind, Ozone will clean and deodorize the air, it will not eliminate the source. ie: it will eliminate cigarette smoke, but not the smoker. It will eliminate pet odors, but not the pet. It will kill mold, but not the source that created the mold.

How Do Ozone Treatments Effect Those With Allergies or Respiratory Issues?

Ozone treatment not only eliminate unwanted odors, they also target airborne allergens and pathogens, which improve the indoor air quality. Those with allergies or respiratory issues will likely benefit from having their air purified. Our technicians are trained to ask if anyone has any respiratory issues so that they will allow for a longer air-out period.