1. There are over 200,000 bacteria per sq. inch in your carpet
  2. 5000 per sq inch in your sink
  3. 500 per sq inch on your computer keyboard
  4. 50,000 per sq. inch on your bed battress
  5. MRSA is found in all houses
  6. MRSA kills 19,000 people a year (more than AIDS)
  7. CA-MRSA ( community acquired MRSA) grew 134% last year
  8. Utah had over 20,000 cases last year
  9. MRSA is getting so bad the State Governmant is working on a bill to require schools, gyms, hospitals and public places to adopt a disinfection system
  10. 90,000 Americans suffer from effects of MRSA


  1. Ozone is the most powerful oxidant you can legally use
  2. Ozone is the only disinfectant guaranteed to kill all bacteria, virus and fungus
  3. Ozone is 3000 time stronger than bleach
  4. Ozone is all natural
  5. Ozone will get in every nook and crack in your house (not just what you wipe down)
  6. Ozone leaves no residue and it is safe for all material
  7. Ozone is safe for food
  8. Ozone is used by all new community pools to kill germs
  9. Ozone is used by all bottled water companies to kill the germs in the water before it is bottled and shipped
  10. All produce must be ozinated before it can be sold to the public
  11. Ozone gets deep into fabric to kill all odors and bacteria, not just what is on the surface
  12. Ozone will kill all odors (smoke, urine, skunk, pet, etc.)

Ozone treatments will save you thousands of dollars, on cleaning products and will keep you and your family healthier. It will reduce the costs of having your ducts, carpets, wall, and ceiling cleaned.