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Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants available. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, germs and odor, without harsh chemicals. Ozone is created in nature by combining oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun or the corona discharge that occurs during a lightening storm, this is that clean, fresh scent after a rainstorm. Using the same technology found in nature we can clean and deodorize your air.

Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. Ozone eliminates odors in the air and penetrates deep in fabric to leave the clean, fresh scent.

  • Swimming pool services
  • Home rejuvenation
  • Business rejuvenation

Ozone is widely used to keep fresh food fresh longer. NFL and NHL teams use ozone to disinfect their equipment and their training facilities. Most bottled water is ozone treated. Ozone is used to purify the air in hotel rooms, RV’s, and cars.

Ozone is used in residential and commercial pool and spas all over the world. Ozone leaves no chemical by-product. No chemical taste or smell. Does not discolor or damage equipment, fabric, or plumbing pipes. When used in pools and spas can eliminate up to 90% of the chemicals you now use. Will not irritate your eyes or skin or damage your swimming suits.

Ozone Clean Pro Ozone Generators For Residential Sanitation
Ozone Generators For Commercial Sanitation
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Ozone Generators For Swimming Pools Sanitation
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I have used ozone in my commercial trucking business in the sleeper cabs. It has removed cigarette smoke, body and spoiled food odor. It has enhanced the life of our mattresses.

- Don C., Cox Trucking

I love the way my skin and hair feels with my ozone treated pool. My swimming suits last longer and do not fade. I have noticed that my grandkids do not get the typical bloodshot eyes after swimming.

- S. Murphy,

I really enjoy the clean feeling of my house after an ozone treatment. When the flu is going around, I like to get my house treated we don’t usually get sick with everyone else at school. I really do love the ozone treatments!

- A. Snow,

"This was amazing! We moved into a new apartment and the previous tenants had a dog that had gone to the bathroom in one area of the house several times. It STUNK! Ozone made the smell disappear!"

- Tajia Law,